1. Are QR Codes Back? Amazon Pinky

    Are QR Codes Back?

    They're baaack! Remember QR codes? They flopped miserably because by the time users downloaded the app, opened the app and scanned the code, they could've typed the website in their smartphone's brows…Read More

  2. Accelerate Your Small Business

    Accelerate Your Small Business

    Small business owners are constantly looking for ways to grow their companies and the only way to grow is to learn better marketing strategies. Unfortunately, a lot of small business owners don't real…Read More

  3. Got Marketing? Part II

    Got Marketing? Part II

    Last week I wrote about the importance of brainstorming sessions in developing your marketing and business strategy in Got Marketing? Part I, so this week I’m going to provide you with a glimpse int…Read More

  4. Got Marketing? Part I

    Got Marketing? Part I

    One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in marketing my own company is discovering how many business owners don’t really understand what Marketing can do for them. In order to illustrate the power…Read More

  5. The Show(s) Must Go On - Part II

    The Show(s) Must Go On – Part II

    In juxtaposing tradeshows with live theatre, I thought it appropriate to construct my case for shows just as plays are written – in Acts. Act I: It’s ALIVE Tradeshows provide customers with valuab…Read More