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-Tom Farrel President of PowerX Intl.-

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No Deals Fall Through The Cracks
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The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine

Marketing Automation

The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine

The ultimate automated selling machine that gives your buyers and prospects their own adventure. Attracting your best clients see how it works for yourself!

 We have all heard of sales funnels, right?  But do you know how to maximize customer engagement, streamline the way you market, and capture new customers by automating lead capture and follow-up?

The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine will build relationships and engage your audience with a personalized, behavioral, individualized automated follow-up that helps you market smarter, not harder.

We will show you how to set trip wires of personalized communications based on email sends, opens, clicks form submissions and payment history, so you know messages will be timely and relevant to your customer’s needs.

This builds a unique adventure for each prospect customized just for them. This will not only get you more leads but MORE CONVERSIONS.

We will help you organize, create, manage and TAKE MASSIVE ACTION towards your business goals.

Here is our highly effective process:

We pull all your marketing together in one place with a platform built with total transparency.


 Get clear on what our objectives are and clear about who you want to attract as an ideal buyer.
  1. Pulling reports and analyzing the data – if there is enough data we can confirm what’s working and what is not converting.
  2. Completion of the plan and target dates of starting and completing objectives.
  3. Top of the funnel  – We can fix, manage, re-build or create a new beautiful website, landing pages, Social Media, Calls To Action. Points of the first contact. It’s all about your customer and then your story.


Have you ever tried to pull all your marketing together?
Have you found it challenging?
We are here to help….
The VFM Ultimate Automated Sales Machine, can pull your marketing together and give your clients their own adventure and engage with them the way they expect. We will help you drive them into the proper buckets in your CRM (customer resource management) tool.  So you can communicate with them in a timely and relevant manner. 
All the marketing items listed below all need to work together for the best possible ROI. 

At the end of the day, ROI is the only thing that matters to us.

  1. Website Design – with calls to action to capture more leads.
  2. All forms on the website are connected to your CRM so no one falls through the cracks built with personalized automated follow-up sequences
  3. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) National and Local Search Marketing with Proof Of Performance, see real ROI in your dashboard and all the work performed on your behalf
  4. PPC – (Pay-Per-Click advertising) Get your ads in the top spots on Google, Yahoo, Bing, and covert more leads into your CRM
  5. Business Listings Pro – Create and fix listing with the click of the button and have it monitor on a monthly basis
  6. Reputation Management – Control your reviews and your reputation
  7. Social Media Platform and manage all your social accounts from your dashboard
  8. Social Media Management – Get your own dedicated social media team
  9.  We design and create beautiful content for your brand
  10. Measure results – Get deep analytics and Proof Of Performance in one dashboard that’s super easy to navigate.
  11. Monthly Marketing Meeting for Accountability

All this leads to one thing MORE SALES!

If your spending a dollar can VFM double that dollar for you, YES we can. In most cases with a high ticket item or high LTV (lifetime value) per customer. We only need to get you a few deals to recoup your investment and make us look like a hero. 

We don’t work with everyone –  you must qualify to work with Vision Force Marketing.

We are not in the business of failin.

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