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Be A Power House Brand

Branding Packages

Vision Force Marketing® Will Help Your Saint Charles Business Grow A Strong, Memorable and Emotional Brand!

A strong, consistent brand is more than just a memorable logo, a strong brand means it resonates with your target market -you know those customers you salivate over?

That’s who your ideal client is! And that is exactly who your brand must attract. We teach you how to attract them naturally.

Getting too attached to what you like is to your business what Kryptonite is to Superman. It will take you down.

Working with an experienced brand strategist will help you navigate all the pitfalls of creating a brand and implementing consistent branding across all of your marketing platforms but more importantly, it will help you get clients, prospects, and people to speak positively about your brand when you’re not around.

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So, What is a Brand?

As a company, you control the identity – the website, logo, the tagline, the music that markets your business and the colors. That’s all inside your brand.

The feeling is held outside … once a strong brand has been etched into the conscious and sub-conscious of its intended audience. The brand identity should draw a corresponding feeling to it.  Put simply, it is a perception attached to emotion. Think about it.

What do the Star Wars fans feel when they see the Star Wars logo, music, and hell, even the font? It gets them excited, right? This is because of the powerful feelings associated with The Star Wars brand. I know it takes me back to a cool time hanging with my Dad.

To be honest it feels weird seeing Star Wars typed in regular font and not in its proper font. 🙂 

We believe creating the best branding for a company starts with discovering who the target audience is. We help you build an avatar or ideal client to build your brand identity around.

To put branding another way – what do people say about you when you’re not in the room? This was a quote by Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos.

You may own all your brand’s physical properties but the customer and people outside your company determine what your brand really is – what they think, feel and say about your brand is your brand.

The story people tell about you and your company is your brand and your brand identity.

Let Vision Force Marketing Branding Strategy Formula™ get your ideal client captured so you can start to build a powerhouse brand that people remember and clients love to do business with; contact us at 888.723.7194.

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