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VFM Strategic Marketing Formula ™

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We throw a lasso around your marketing and pull it all together.

Our clients say the number one thing they deal with is pulling all their marketing together.

Do you feel like your marketing is all over the place?

Do you feel overwhelmed with your marketing?

Do you know what your analytics are saying about your marketing?

A Vision Force Marketing Plan encompasses everything related to sales and marketing for your business for an entire calendar year with a complete action plan we help you implement through our Marketing Coaching.

The difference between a successful marketing campaign and a failed one the ability to implement the objectives.

Did you know that 48% of companies receiving coaching report an ROI of 1000%-5000%?

#25 Out Of 100 Business & The Only Marketing Company

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A standard marketing plan is a plan outlining the steps necessary to achieve your objectives but seldom gets implemented. Allow us to be frank, a marketing plan developed by most consultants or DIY  marketing plan gets filed away and maybe looked at once a year. Seldom does it get implemented.



Vision Force’s powerful strategic marketing plan starts with asking the right questions. We start with brainstorming and strategy sessions which will get you clear on your objectives, brand identity, messaging, target market and other vital marketing fundamentals.

We also focus on your sales process – what good is great marketing if it is not tied together with your sales team. We encourage your sales team to embrace marketing. Together they can be the 1-2 punch to increasing your profits.

We work with you on a S.W.O.T Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) and determine a game plan based on those results. Through a series of strategic marketing planning sessions, our Vision Force Marketing Strategist will help you identify and prioritize action items for the next year.

The final deliverable is an easy-to-follow with sales and marketing action plan with a budget for you (or your team) to follow quarter by quarter and month by month and week-by-week to reach your objectives.




If you don’t have a team we can become your marketing department. What really separates us from anyone else in the marketing industry is we are there every step of the way to ensure proper implementation of the marketing plan and you get real measurable results.

Our VFM Platform allows you to see all the SEO work we are performing, ads, business listings, reputation management, social media and more all from one login and one budget. We can show you Proof Of Performance




  • (2) 90-Minute Strategy Session – This is extremely beneficial to have an outside strategic marketing executive walk you through this process.

  • The VFM Marketing Strategy Formula gets your true vision and mission, not just captured but realized.

  • Our strategists get your messaging right the first time so you’re attracting your ideal clients

  • Gets you organized, creates an action plan with timeline & puts a budget in place.

  • Know exactly what marketing tactics are going to work best for your situation and your business.

  • Get a full action plan –  a step by step outline of prioritized marketing tactics to be accomplished

  • We stay on task each month and accomplish everything that was planned.

  • Our marketing team is ready to help you implement anything you can’t.

  • Monthly Accountability Meetings – After completion of the marketing plan to ensures your success (we meet with you once a month.)

  • The VFM Marketing Strategy Formula produces real measurable results in less time.

  • NO RISK GUARANTEE – If you’re not completely satisfied after our first 90-minute session together you get a complete refund. (no questions asked)

Once this plan has been completed and implemented you will have a clear understanding of your marketing,  sales, and proof of performance.






What types of tactical marketing do you offer?

We create brands, logos, ads, brochures, print, websites, SEO, PPC, video and we have the software to manage your entire business with one marketing platform. We are a full-service marketing agency. We have built entire companies from the ground up. We attract the best talent in the marketplace.

Do you offer a free marketing evaluation or strategy session?

Yes, we offer a complimentary 20-minute strategy session to ensure your business qualifies for this program.

How long will this process take?

It depends on the size of your business, how many segments you have and what you need to achieve.

Do you meet with us in person?

Our process is done via video-conferencing. If you prefer to meet in person, additional fees apply.

Do you offer a Guarantee?

If you’re not completely satisfied after our first 90-minute session together you get a complete refund.

BUY NOW - VFM Marketing Strategy Formula™
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