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Vision Force Marketing: Your Premier Destination for Expert Marketing Coaching

Vision Force Marketing offers unparalleled expertise in the realm of marketing coaching, a service designed to elevate businesses to new heights. At the heart of our approach are Sean Matthew Whitfield and Leah Hoppes, two expert-level marketing coaches with remarkable backgrounds and proven track records.

Hear from Our Satisfied Clients

"Leah and Sean are class acts. I've received a great deal of marketing coaching from Leah and she possesses the gift of an inspired motivator with a deep reservoir of the nuances of marketing. While that matters hugely, what I think is rare is having those qualities and also legitimately caring about the client. Vision Force excels at this. I'm grateful for them and for the traction I've been able to get in my business because of their guidance!"
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Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Coaching

"I hired Sean for private coaching and he not only helped me grow so intensely on a personal level, but also helped me translate that into business. He taught me core values of successful business perspectives, digital marketing methods, and how to keep pursuing my vision. Sean's coaching has left a major impact on me - I've continued to use my learnings for years now through running a full time online fitness business to now launching my own shopping app. The lessons keep living on through my different ventures! Thank you so much!!

Let's Get Your Business To The Next Level In 2024

"My company's website would not be where it is today without Leah Hoppes and Vision Force Marketing. She came as a referral to me, and I could do no better service than to refer her to someone that is looking to achieve personalized marketing to make his/her company a success. I intend to have a long and profitable relationship with Vision Force Marketing. I cannot say enough wonderful things about Leah and the attention she gives me on a daily basis. Incredibly professional marketing every step of the way."
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Get The Most Out of Your Marketing Coaching

Embark on your journey towards marketing excellence with Vision Force Marketing Coaching. Let Sean Matthew Whitfield and Leah Hoppes lead you to success with their expert-level insights and personalized coaching methods. Get in touch with us today to discover how our marketing coaching can transform your business.

Remember, with Vision Force Marketing Coaching, you're not just growing your business; you're setting a new standard for success in your industry.




Created to be an extraordinary, exciting and powerful process which will get you results, our marketing coaching is hands on and completely customized for you. 

  • Feel less overwhelmed
  • Get clarity on where to focus
  • Discover tools you really need
  • Identify gaps in your marketing
  • Learn what you need, when you need it

There is something magical that happens when we get you hyper-focused through Marketing Coaching. Think about how much time you can save by getting personally coached through your marketing. marketing plan and the marketing tools that will grow your business. Your marketing coach will help walk you through the steps to optimize your offline and internet marketing or we can do it all for you.


When you hire Vision Force Marketing Coaching you guarantee yourself the time to focus on your business to achieve ultimate success!

  • Identify ways to grow your business
  • Analyze who is your ideal client
  • Pinpoint how to reach those customers
  • Clarify brand message
  • Objective feedback on your existing marketing efforts
  • Determine growth strategy
  • How to price your goods/services to maximize sales
  • Hiring the right staff
  • Uncover new channels to market
  • Learn the tools the top marketers are using to grow their business
  • Learn marketing automation
  • Learn how to build sales funnels that convert.
  • and much more…

We hold nothing back.


Meet Marketing Coach Leah Hoppes

"Leah Hoppes is equally illustrious in her contributions to marketing coaching. With a decade of coaching experience, Leah has honed her skills in guiding businesses through the complexities of marketing strategy and implementation. Her approach is personalized, reflecting the unique needs and goals of each client. Leah's commitment to excellence in marketing coaching is evident in the transformational results achieved by those she mentors.

Meet Marketing Coach Sean Matthew Whitfield

Sean Matthew Whitfield, a distinguished figure in the marketing coaching world, brings a wealth of experience and insight. His impressive journey includes coaching for Tony Robbins, one of the most recognized names in personal development and business strategy. With over 2000 coaching sessions under his belt, Sean's approach is both innovative and deeply informed. His expertise in marketing coaching is not just theoretical; it's built on years of practical experience and successful client outcomes.


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