We have found the most successful companies aren’t always the companies with the best product or service; however, they manage to stay at the top. How is that? Simple, they have a plan for marketing and they stick to it. If a certain marketing campaign fails they make adjustments and find where their customers are and develop the right strategy to own their space. Vision Force Marketing offers all sorts of small business marketing services, but we know the success of small business starts with developing a Strategic Marketing Plan. From marketing plans & brand strategies to logo & website design to business coaching – we will help you Own Your Space. Keep reading to learn a little more about us.

Leah Hoppes, Strategic Marketing Consultant & Strategist

Hi! I’m Leah and one of the Co-Founders of Vision Force Marketing. I’ve had two books published,  Marketing Chomp and How To Avoid Embarrassment & Humiliation in Public Speaking. I have over twenty years of marketing experience and spent 15 years in industrial manufacturing marketing. I’ve helped entrepreneurs, small to medium-sized businesses, and Fortune 500 corporations draft strategic marketing plans, create brand strategies, design new logos, manage website creation, write public relations content, and implement digital marketing strategies.

If you care about the degrees: A graduate of Valparaiso University, I continued my development with a Marketing Certificate through University Wisconsin – Madison’s Executive Education program and have taken other executive education courses with American Management Association (AMA) and even, Tony Robbin’s Business Mastery.

In our community, I’ve served as the marketing committee chair for the Downtown St. Charles Partnership, and more recently served on the Board of Directors for the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce. I’m still active on several Chamber committees. I was honored to be named the St. Charles Chamber of Commerce’s Member of the Year for 2015.

A voracious reader, I always have at least three books going at any given time. In 2009 a Vertebral Artery Dissection caused 3 strokes – the third was a massive stroke. To have recovered fully is nothing short of a miracle and underscores my desire to live by audacious faith and to do as much as I can for those who enter my sphere of influence.

Sean Matthew Whitfield, Business Strategist & Business Coach

Hey there, I’m Sean and also a Co-Founder of Vision Force Marketing. I have over twenty years of sales and marketing experience and have worked in the auto industry, real estate, staffing, the Medical MRI industry, and as a Results Coaching Strategist for one of the top global entrepreneurs – Tony Robbins. I received my coaching certification through Robbins-Madanes Training.

I’ve coached people all over the world and have been able to get my clients massive results by getting them crystal clear on what their objectives are for the next twelve months. I’m like a personal trainer, challenging clients to raise their standards and hold them accountable so they achieve their goals.

I volunteer as a mentor for Kids Hope USA and am an avid reader, except instead of reading books, like my wife, I’m listening to them. No stranger to adversity, I overcame a near-death experience when I was stabbed in a random attack in 2000 which left me in a coma for seven days. I lost everything in 2008 when the housing market crashed. My experience colors everything I do because I understand on a cellular level when people struggle either personally or professionally. I’m able to reach out and pull people up as I show them how to use their language and beliefs to spur them onward despite the odds.