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Marketing Coaching Services for Your Business Needs

Marketing Coaching Services for Your Business Needs

Marketing Coaching Services for Your Business Needs

To improve your marketing awareness, marketing coaching services might be the best value for your money. Marketing Coaching gives you the knowledge or training you need when you need it and these are the types of services that will serve you and your business for years to come.

Unlike costly certificate programs and professional courses that eat up days of your time, great marketing coaching services will be less expensive, more personalized, and will be more beneficial to you and your immediate needs.


You Don’t Know What You Don’t Know

When you sign up for a marketing course it’s going to be on a very specific topic – which may or may not be what you even need. You may think you need help in Search Engine Optimization when in fact you really need a better understanding of messaging and how to define and clarify that message. If you’ve signed up for an SEO class two things are going to happen – it’s likely going to be scratching the service type course or, so in-depth you’ll be in over your head.

If it’s just an introductory course, and doesn’t give you any real takeaways or provides the information you already knew or have implemented – you will have just wasted your marketing dollars. If it’s a really in-depth course, you are very unlikely to have the time to implement the level of work required to do the work correctly on a regular basis.

And, let’s face it if SEO is not your issue and what you really need to address is your marketing message it won’t even matter how much you learn about SEO because it won’t even do you any good if you’re missing the mark with your audience.



Enter Marketing Coaching Services

Working with an experienced marketing coach is the answer because they’ll be able to determine what your real needs are, and where the gaps are in your marketing, and they’ll be able to evaluate your knowledge and skill levels. They will then be able to develop a marketing coaching program tailored specifically to your needs.

Another strong advantage of hiring marketing coaching services is you develop a relationship with your marketing coach and as a result, they will learn your business and be able to advise you at a deeper level than any instructor who meets with you once during a class for a couple of hours.



Disadvantages of Marketing Courses

A disadvantage to signing up for marketing courses is that often, the published curriculum isn’t what ends up being taught. Instructors change their minds, and even instructors change after those programs have already been published and students find that what they signed up for isn’t even what is covered during the course.

Another downside to a marketing course is learning may not be in-depth enough for you and your needs. Sometimes the instructor is teaching something they haven’t even implemented in a real business scenario, so they are unable to answer questions or share any real-world scenarios with you.

We’ve been in these courses. We’ve seen it happen and it’s incredibly frustrating for those in attendance. As a business leader, your time is extremely valuable, and if you waste half a day on something that provides you no benefit you’ve just wasted your time and money.



The best solution is a Marketing Coach

The hands-down winner when it comes to getting marketing advice for your business is hiring marketing coaching services. It is the clear winner in terms of bang for your buck. You will get the close, personalized attention your business needs at a price you can afford.

Call Vision Force Marketing at 888.723.7194 or 630.313.2805 and ask about marketing coaching services. You can also email Leah@visionforcemarketing.com

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