1. Stuck in Your Business? Don’t Follow Your Gut.

    "Every initiative we don’t take, every risk we avoid makes us more insulated from business opportunities." When sales take a dip, deals fall through, or things become stagnant our first instinct is to stop doing anything until things turn around. We hold off on advertising, or moving forward on that brochure, or on the website upgrade we desperately need. We’re afraid to invest more because we…Read More

  2. How Your Company Can Utilize Sound SEO Practices

    I'm sure you already know that Google is one of the driving forces behind all of the changes in search engine optimization, after all they own about 80% of the search engine traffic. Since Google is a powerhouse in the technology world, it's probably in your best interest to pay attention to what's happening at Google and leverage sound SEO practices to drive traffic to your own company. Business…Read More

  3. What is Search Engine Optimization?

      It takes extensive time and training to understand how search engine optimization works and how best to leverage it for your own company. Unfortunately, there is no way to improve traffic to a website without using the proper search engine optimization techniques. If learning search engine optimization techniques are outside of your wheelhouse, it's time to hire the best internet marketing…Read More

  4. Going from Brick & Mortar to an Online Presence

    No matter what industry your small business services, improving the online presence will improve customer visibility and satisfaction. Transitioning from the mindset of having a brick and mortar business with no online presence to providing an online store that is highly visible while maintaining their physical store front cost can be overwhelming. Many small businesses have a hard time increasin…Read More