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Get More From Your Marketing!

We build marketing Plans


What does a marketing plan do for me?

Imagine that the fear and the overwhelm of marketing was suddenly no longer a factor in your business.

What if you could get leads at will?

What would you do?

How would you go after your market space?

Those who have an extraordinary business start with an exceptional psychology, organized plan and then take massive action.

After working with over 28 industries from startups to multi-billion dollar global companies we've found those who create an extraordinary business and their highest visions share one fundamental strength:

The capacity to understand the power of strategic marketing planning and the importance of taking massive action once the plan is in place.

They turn their limitations into power! Once this plan has been completed you will be fully educated in marketing and by taking action, you will “OWN YOUR SPACE”.

Did you know that 48% of companies receiving coaching report an ROI of 1000%-5000%?      

Custome Marketing Plans and Coaching

We all have goals but not everyone will reach them. Will you? 

Ensure your markting success by building a true strategic marketing action plan and let us help you implement it along the way.

Here are 6 ways the Vision Force Marketing Plan and Coaching will help you implement a successful marketing strategy.


Custom Marketing Plan only

Every successful venture, be it business or sports, begins with a great plan.

Here are 6 ways the Vision Force Marketing Plan will get you focused, keep you on course and help you succeed.

This is perfect for a business owner on a budget who knows they need a  marketing road map.


Marketing Coaching only

Overwhelmed with marketing?

Do you have questions on hiring a marketing person, need some fresh ideas for marketing, need another set of eyes on your marketing materials or need to redesign your brand?

Get help from a  results marketing coach!

Hourly packages available.

Hire us for 3, 6 or 12 months and SAVE BIG!!



What is a Business Plan?

A Business Plan is the compelling story of your business written with the banker or investor in mind in order to gain working capital. A Business Plan should not be confused with a Marketing Plan, or a Strategic Action Plan. A Marketing Plan or Strategic Action Plan is developed specifically as an internal document designed to be executed by team members.

Writing a Business Plan is time consuming so let us do the heavy lifting for you. We hold the strategy sessions with you, ask you all the questions and put the plan together for you.

Custom Business Plan, Custom Marketing Plan with 6 or 12 Months of Business Coaching. Premium package for Enterprise level or aspiring Enterprise level companies.

Custom Business Plan & 12 or 6 months of Business Coaching. Perfect the business owner who needs a plan and accountability to implement the plan.

Custom Business Plan Only. Great fit when you just need someone to do the the plan with you.

6 or 12 months of Business Coaching. Need to get to the next level? Business Coaching will get you there!

Thank You For Visiting!




Why Business Coaching?



Are  you kicking ass in your business right now but want to take it to the next level?

What if you are struggling in your business?
This might sound harsh but you're choosing to.

Are you getting fatter and slower? 
Is your work life out of balance? Let's get it back. 


Is your life going great but you want to take it to the next level?
Step up and let's ROCK IT!

Is your relationship just good?
F%$# good, let's get the passion back and experience complete connection to your other-half!

Do you want to break through and earn $1,000,000, $10,000,000 or 100,000,000?
Stop settling and start dreaming! 

I have cutting edge tools and technologies to get you through the plateau no matter where you are. 

How about leadership? Are you connecting with your team?
Learn the techniques which can help you become a better leader. 
Where people WANT to follow you; not HAVE to follow you.

Spend 30 minutes with and I promise you will be rocking in your business, life and relationships. The fear is always there but I will give you the tools to break through what is holding you back.


The Boots background:

I worked for Tony Robbins, the father of coaching. I have held over 1500 coaching session and logged more than 2000 hours of coaching. 
If you are ready to take "whatever" it is to the next level and you are ready to work for it. "GET THE BOOT IN THE BUTT".

Are you doing what needs to be done on a daily basis to get the result you're after. That's where I come in. I use NLP and other cutting edge technologies I have been developing for nearly 20 years.

This 'boot' is none judgmental; people don't care how much you know till they know how much you care.

Want new strategies and methods to achieving more results? Step up and call me for a free strategy session. (888) 723-7194

WHAT THIS MEANS FOR YOU: Know matter what you throw our way, we have the coaching methods to get you back in the saddle and KICKING ASS!



From the very first call you wil know you are working with someone who is not judgemental and fired up to get you results!

Most coaches don't have much experience and only have a handful of clients. The problem here is they don't have the confidence to get you outside of your comfort zone far enough to get lasting change. This leads to clients saying they tried coaching but it didn't work for them.

Doesn't it make sense to hire a coach who has real world experience and  has coached thousands of people world wide? We have the strategies, tools, methods and experience utilized by the most successful people in the world.

Out of all the places you could be visiting right now. YOU ARE HERE!

This says a lot about your continues commitment for achievement and your willingness to do what ever it takes to get to the next level.

Isn't it time for you to step up and get coaching today?

  • Drive your income with the psychology of abundance.
  • Cultivate  more passion in your intimate relationships.
  • Create the energy, vitality and the body you want to experience.


  • Clear, refocused and define your vision.
  • Set exciting and challenging goals without overwhelming you.
  • A MAP (Massive Action Plan) for achieving outstanding results.
Schedule Your Strategy Session!

FREE Strategy Session Pre-Homework

We have several coaches we can connect you with depending on your needs. Our Business Coaches have experience both one-on-one as well as coaching management teams.

Please fill out the information below if you have already made an appointment for your complimentary coaching session. All fields required.

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Vision Force Marketing

Strategic Marketing

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Marketing Plan

Some of Our Marketing Services

Website Design

Business Consulting and Marketing Consulting

Business Coaching

Coaching Process

Saint Charles Website Design

We Are A True Partner Offering The Best Website Designs To Grow Your Saint Charles IL Business.

We have been designing and developing websites for Saint Charles Business Owners since our inception. Vision Force is located in Saint Charles, IL. Our founder serves on the Saint Charles Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors and previously served with The Downtown Saint Charles Partnership.

We had the great honor of creating the new city of Saint Charles logo. We have the right website design for any business in Saint Charles IL because we know the people.

As a Saint Charles IL Business owner having an affordable - high-quality website is a must. Vision Force Marketing® offers a website development solution like no other in Saint Charles, IL.

Not only will your website look amazing but it will convert. It's not enough to just be a pretty website. It must be mobile friendly, responsive and have many clear call-to-actions. 


Start A Web Design

Enter your Website Address below and we'll get back to you straight away!
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YES, I Want My Custom Marketing Report For My Business!


Our Approach 

1) Marketing Strategy - Build Your Plan

2) Build Your Avitar(s) - (Your Ideal Client)

3) Build Your Message To Attract Your Ideal Avitar(s)

4) Build Your SEO, Pixels From Search Engines, Social Media And Data To Build The Campaigns.

5) While Your SEO (Organic Seach) Is Gaining Rank On Yahoo, Google, And Bing.

6) We build & Launch a PPC (Pay Per Click) Campaign To Get You In The Top 3 Spots Of Google, Yahoo and Bing.

7) Retargeting - Banner Ads And Other Forms Of Retargeting

8) Marketing Coaching -  To Analyze & Optimize The Entire Campaign.

9) Maintenance

Website Management Made Simple & Easy.

You don't get any of this "Do It Yourself" business! Our full-service web design team and process does it all for you. Work with an experienced marketing manager to get the website live quickly.

Each marketing manager works with a team of marketing designers to ensure you get the best design for capturing sales. Then, once the website is live, your design is continually maintained & improved over time by your dedicated Marketing Strategist to maximize your sales funnel.

Retail eCommerce Websites

eCommerce websites

Restoration Websites

Constructions Webites

Manufacturing Websites

Medical Websites

Insurance Websites

Travel Wesites

Catering Websites

Travel Broker Websites

#1 Interior Design Websites

#1 Interior Design and Fitness Websites

#1 Business and Optical Websites


  • Web Design Saint charles il
  • SEO and Website Design Saint charles il
  • Website content writing saint charles il
  • Saint charles website hosting
  • Website Design Saint charles il Advertising
  • Email marketing saint charles il
  • Saint Charles il Complete Sales Funnel Construction
  • Content marketing and creation
  • saint charles ecommerce marketing
  • Strategic Marketing saint charles il
  • Marketing Coaching & Consultation saint charles
  • Saint Charles branding and brand strategy
  • Logo design saint charles il
  • Brochure and business card design saint charles il
  • Photo and Video Production saint charles il


  1. My experience with vision force and Sean was absolutely a life changer!

    My experience with vision force and Sean was absolutely a life changer! I’m not sure exactly how it works but I think Sean told me the things I needed to hear to motivate me to change my life. I went from a job I really disliked, financially struggling generally just not happy in life. After speaking with Sean, two years later I have change my life drastically, Job I love! I actually look forward to going to work on Monday, I’m making really good money, and my personal life is just getting better every day. Thank You Sean! Sincerely, Jesse

    Jesse W.
  2. They Are Teachers.

    Working with Sean and Leah these past few weeks has absolutely re-energized everyone involved! Their expert advice feels tailor made to our business and the markets we serve – not just a cookie cutter recipe to follow. Most importantly they’re teachers. They don’t just hand us answers or solutions but empower us to reimagine our processes and look at new ways to create our own roadmap to success. I haven’t been this excited about coming to work in YEARS! Warwick Publishing

    Warwick Publishing
  3. I love these people

    I love these people, I would say vision force but Leah and Sean are the force behind my marketing vision. They are great listeners and it shows in their work. When I read their article in the paper my soul started singing and I thought one or two things “This is it!” in my Michael Jackson voice or they have a gift of gab; well it turns out that they just simply have a gift and I’m blessed to have crossed their path. They are mixed like a perfect dish with just the right amount of ingredient of everything you need. They have giving me faith that there are still people in business for the love of it and not the money. Thanks Leah & Sean, words can’t explain what you have done for my vision but I thought I would type them anyway.

    Ulonda Carver, Owner of Hair Knowledge School of Loc & Braid Technology
  4. You are hiring a team that will stop at nothing to ensure your success

    Having never used a marketing professional before, I was cautiously optimistic at first but certainly thought it was worth a shot. Ten minutes into our first meeting my few doubts melted away as I realized, “they really get it!” Leah and Sean’s combined expertise in their individual fields come together to form an unbeatable arsenal of tools at your disposal. Their unique perspectives enabled me to look at my business as well as my customers with a set of fresh eyes, a set of eyes not stale from being too involved with my business and the day to day operations. Their ability to integrate a laser-like focus while still remaining clear on the big picture plan is invaluable. By selecting Vision Force, you are not only choosing top quality marketing professionals, you are hiring a team that will stop at nothing to ensure your success and achieve your and your business’s goals.

    Dan Thompson, Owner of Huff–n-Puff Fitness Repair
  5. Our sales are up 150%.

    Hiring Vision Force Marketing to help us with our strategy has more than paid for itself. Our sales are up 150% over last August and we’re on track to double what we did in 2013.


    Dennis Dinkins, Performance Personal Computers
  6. It has really been an experience with Vision Force Marketing.

    It has really been an experience with Vision Force Marketing. What started as a simple request to create a website, has opened up our eyes tremendously to how we can be marketing our business. Vision Force has kept our feet to the fire as far as our goals from the day we signed on. Also what is great about Vision Force is they try to teach you processes and programs that you can enact on your own. We have just started with Vision Force, and I am looking forward to them taking our business to the next level, and keeping us on our feet. Vision Force has exceeded our expectations and we are excited about continuing our journey with them.

    Steve Lisiewicz
  7. I recommend Vision Force Marketing to anyone.

    Leah is the consummate marketing professional. Working with Leah was a pleasure. I found her to be engaging, high energy and on point. She has the unique ability to clearly communicate marketing concepts to the uninitiated. She challenged me to stretch beyond my comfort zone. She helped me clarify the vision for my company while not intruding upon it. Throughout the marketing development process she made sure that it was my vision that developed, not hers. Thanks to Leah I now have a marketing plan that is challenging, yet attainable. Under her counsel I started with a vision and ended up with a marketing plan that defined my customers, identified areas for improvement, and set quarterly targets. I look forward to working with Leah in the future. It is always wise to keep a great resource within reach. I intend to continue to leverage her talents in the future. I recommend Vision Force Marketing to anyone who wants to take his or her business to the next level.

    Kevin, Customer of our MarketEAR Program
  8. Loved working with Leah.

    I absolutely have loved working with Leah on creating a marketing road map and developing my brand. My business is already growing in leaps and bounds with the momentum she has breathed into my business. Her positive attitude and attention to the creative details of marketing myself and my business are priceless. A++++

    Rose Kaz, Rose Kaz Photography
  9. Leah and Vision Force Marketing are exceptional.

    Leah and Vision Force Marketing are exceptional. She understands small business and the entrepreneur. Her mastery is evident in her ability to guide early companies and more mature enterprises in marketing strategy. I found her to be not only diligent in her work product with timely delivery, great value and inspired creativity but a delightful individual who never tried to oversell. I will being maintaining my association with Leah and Vision Force.

    Mark Lund, HOLUVI Enterprises, LLC
  10. Committed with your company and project.

    At first we were not sure if we needed a marketing coach, but it was the best decision we took. Having Leah and Vision Force Marketing as our Marketing team has made a difference in our performance. Leah was able to quickly understand our business and our needs to develop a complete 12 months strategy that has crucial points to effective marketing. We have asked her for different marketing perspective and tasks and she always attack them with great enthusiasm and energy. The most important part is that Leah is committed with your company and project and she is a professional on what she does.

    Gloria Toro, GPR Industrial Services
  11. Genuine, enthusiastic, professional.

    We are a 45 year family business with growth in mind. We have lots of ideas, but were not getting the results we wanted. Vision Force Marketing helped us clarify our vision for the company and create a road map to the next level. Leah is genuine, enthusiastic, professional, and most importantly extremely knowledgeable. She took the time to really learn and understand our unique business. Vision Force Marketing is a huge asset to our company and we look foreword to working together toward continued success. The only people I wouldn’t recommend Vision Force to is our competition!

    Aaron Vincer, Byron Motosports Park
  12. Vision Force is the Way to go!!

    Wow!!! Yes Wow. Thanks to Leah Hoppes and Vision Force Marketing my very first speaking engagement was a total success! By success I mean that the room was full of people who paid to hear me, my products were sold AND new patients were booked. THAT to me is the markers of success! I can’t wait for the rest of the things we are working on to come to fruition since I have seen the results of just the first thing. Thanks Leah and Vision Force for getting my Business off and running in the right direction with the right guidance. If anyone out there is on the fence GET OFF OF IT! Vision Force is the Way to go!!

    Dr. Raynette Ilg , Olive Branch Wellness Center
  13. Sean is a world class professional.

    Sean is a world class professional who is always willing to lend a hand. I have had the privilege of attending an business training event with Sean and he brings a level of leadership and positive forward thinking that is rarely matched. He is an amazing individual to partner with and build business with and I would highly recommend him as a great person to team up with for building business.

    Taji Clark

Get Your Custom Marketing Report For Business Owners

Get Your Custom Marketing Report For Business Owners

Vision Force Services


is created to be an extraordinary, exciting and powerful process which will get you measurable results! Not only will you feel like your business is making strides – you will see the results.

There is something magical that happens when we get you hyper-focused through Marketing Coaching

Our marketing coach will help walk you through the steps to optimize your offline and internet marketing.

This will be the most powerful part of your week for your business. Most people want results but they won’t take the necessary time to achieve those results.

When you hire Vision Force Marketing Coaching you guarantee your self  time out each week to focus on your business to achieve ultimate success!


  • A full 12 month marketing plan
  • Two 90 minute foundational strategy sessions
  • 6 Planning sessions to develop VFM customized plan
  • 12 months of business coaching



  • Identify ways to grow your business
  • Analyze who is your ideal client
  • Pinpoint how to reach those customers
  • Clarify brand message
  • Objective feedback on your existing marketing efforts
  • Determine growth strategy
  • How to price your goods/services to maximize sales
  • Hiring the right staff
  • Uncover new channels to market

Get Your Custom Marketing Report For Business Owners


Passion in a relationship feels incredible — so don’t settle for anything less than an extraordinary relationship and life you desire and deserve!

It doesn’t matter where you have been or where you are this very moment we have the strategies to get your lasting results in your relationships.

We have the tools to bring back the passion to your love life. 

We encourage you to reach out to us for a

30 minute relationship bing back the passion session.

(888) 723-7194


I can help you turn relationship limitation into power and save your marriage so you can experience the life and results you have always wanted. Breakthrough your personal road blocks and learn the strengths, strategies, skills and methods used by the most successful people in the world.

My promises to you is – I will give you the most powerful relationship 30 minute coaching session you have ever had. You want to get to the next level in your life and relationship but you feel you’re on a hamster wheel?

We’re going to break the patterns and habits that have been holding you back for too long. We will get you clear on your vision, set realistic but challenging goals. Step up to your relationship power.

Vision Force Relationship Coaching was designed because sometimes it isn’t the relationship, it’s a personal limitation preventing you from getting you to the next level. I worked for Tony Robbins at Robbins Research International and am a certified Strategic Intervention Coach through Robbins-Madanes Training and Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I have held over 1,200 coaching sessions. I will rock your world!


  1. My experience with vision force and Sean was absolutely a life changer!

    My experience with vision force and Sean was absol…Read More

    Jesse W.

Coaching Training

Get Your Custom Marketing Report For Business Owners

Vision Force Automated Selling System

Internet Marketing Automation Coaching and Creating The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine.


We have all heard of sales funnels, right?  But do you know how to maximize customer engagement, streamline the way you market, and capture new customers by automating lead capture and follow-up?

The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine will build relationships and engage your audience with personalized, behavioral, individualized automated follow-up that helps you market smarter, not harder.

We will show you how to set trip wires of personalized communications based on email sends, opens, clicks form submissions and payment history, so you know messages will be timely and relevant to your customer's needs.

This builds a unique adventure for each prospect customized just for them. This will blow your mind!

It can be very over whelming when you look at what goes on behind the scenes with ultimate automated sales funnels and systems.

Here is what you get:


  • Learn how to create powerful ads to build lists of buyers, not tire kickers.
  • Develop a “Good Will Offer and an ethical bribe” and an opt-in page to get leads into your ultimate sales funnel.
  • Build a “liquidator” AKA “inexpensive" offer that separates buyers and browsers on your list that solves a specific problem.
  • Create a “bread and butter” offer page and product that enhances your liquidator and making them chomp at the bit to buy from you.
  • Then, you need a back end offer that really gets massive results for your customers and works hand in hand with your main offer.
  • We will  help you build an ascension email series at each step to build trust and get non-buyers back into the ultimate sales funnel.
  • Not to mention re-marketing strategies for other people who can’t make a decision.


That’s just to start!  Needless to say, creating the ultimate sales funnel is a lot easier said than done. We have the expertise in building and running these Sales Machines because we work with the best sales funnel engineers, copy writers with long track records, unbelievable design teams and outstanding video teams.

The good news for you is, we can do it all, from building a marketing plan to creating high-converting sales funnels for you from start to finish.

Imagine building an the ultimate automated system that frees you from  having to spend endless hours in your business, so you can work on your business or hang out with your family, get to the gym, throw a party. We digress… seriously, it will free your time so you can focus on other things.

What will you do with the extra time?

DISCLAIMER: This not a get rich quick or “I don’t have to be involved at all offer” This is serious business and will take smart work and some hard work in the beginning. If you are looking for the sit on an island and make money for nothing you need to go to the “get rich quick sites”. Leave here now. Thanks.

Click the link below to get your FREE consultation. We will schedule a time to chat. Let us know what you need or want and we will see if we’re a good match for each other. Just know the amount of Ultimate Automated Selling Machine clients we take on is extremely limited because this is one of our most popular programs.

Get Your Custom Marketing Report For Business Owners


A Vision Force Marketing Plan encompasses everything related to sales and marketing for your business for an entire calendar year with a complete action plan we help you implement through our Marketing Coaching. The difference between a successful marketing campaign and a failed one the ability to implement the objectives. 



A standard marketing plan is a plan outlining the steps necessary to achieve your objectives but seldom gets implemented. Allow us to be frank, a marketing plan developed by most consultants or DIY  marketing plan gets filed away and maybe looked at once a year. Seldom does it get implemented. 



Vision Force’s powerful strategic marketing plan starts with asking the right questions. We start with brainstorming and strategy sessions which will get you clear on your objectives, brand identity, messaging, target market and other vital marketing fundamentals.

We work with you on a S.W.O.T Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) and determine a game plan based on those results. Through a series of strategic marketing planning sessions, our Vision Force Marketing Strategist will help you identify and prioritize action items for the next year.

The final deliverable is an easy-to-follow sales and marketing action plan for you (or your team) to follow quarter by quarter and month by month to reach your must-meet objectives.



If you don’t have a team we will help you hire a marketing person or we can become your marketing department. What really separates us from anyone else in the marketing industry is we are there every step of the way to ensure proper implementation of the marketing plan and you get real measurable results.

  • Vision Force Marketing Plans get your true vision and mission, not just captured but realized.
  • A Vision Force Marketing Plan gives you an in depth view of your market and how to dominate it. (Reveal who’s your ideal client down to theirs shoes.)
  • Vision Force Marketing Plans saves time, resources and shows you in detail, how to attract the best clients.
  • Have a top Vision Force Marketing expert on demand for a fraction of the cost of an average on site marketing employee.
  • Vision Force Marketing Plans produce real measurable results in less time.
  • The Ultimate Automated Selling Machine is a behavoir internet marketing system like no other. Let your clients pick how they want to be communicated to.

Once this plan has been completed you will be fully educated in marketing and you will “OWN YOUR SPACE”.

Frequently Asked Question:

Do you do all types of tactical marketing?

Absolutely! We create logos, ads, brochures, handle print, mailing, websites, SEO, sales training, promotional items, video…you name it. We have built entire companies from the ground up. We attract the best talent in the marketplace.


Do I really need a marketing plan?

Do you really need more customers? Do you really need more revenue? If you answered yes to either of those questions, then yes, you really do need a Marketing plan!


How much does it cost?

You can have a vision Force Marketing plan and a marketing expert at your fingertips for up to 10xs less than a paid mediocre marketing person. 


Do you offer free a marketing evaluation or strategy session?

Yes, but even better we have a free 60 minute marketing education program you can sign up for. We don’t sell marketing plans we educate you!






Do you have the methods in place to attract and close more coaching clients? This is going to show you what I have stumbled upon and created after years of intense research.

My name is Sean Matthew Whitfield and I have sold literally $100,000’s of dollars in coaching for a top global entrepreneur and for my businesses.

I will teach you all the methods that we use in our companies so you can have the success you want.




Here is the bad news it is going to cost you money, time and work. However, I’m giving you the first module free for visiting our site and dropping your email. So, if that’s all you want, no problem.

I hope your coaching business rocks this year.

For the rest of you unreasonable, unrelenting coaches who want to explode your coaching businesses and learn the best methods I have learned from working with the Top Global Entrepreneur and developed through growing my own businesses – keep reading.


I was trained and worked for the best coach in the world before opening my own businesses. In this program I will share with you the best coaching sales and marketing techniques that has allowed us to start 2 businesses and close hundreds of thousands of dollars in coaching.

I know it’s not Bill Gates cash but it has provided my family with a lot of blessings. More importantly, it has changed more people’s lives than I could have imagined but that’s enough about me.

You’re probably wondering why I would share this valuable coaching information with you. It’s because if I can help you get what you want. You will change more people’s lives.

Lives, I could never reach. My goal in this life is to 1 million people weather it’s personally or through others. I’m only going to be working with a limited number of coaches. I will tell you nobody is teaching what I’m teaching.


Coaching is the 2nd fastest growing industry in the world and there is enough for everyone. A lot of people need coaching services but if you don’t know where to look or how to attract or how to close the coaching sale, it’s all a waste of time.

Coaches go out of business as fast as they start their business. They get their coaching certificate and then never coach one paying client.

This happens because belief is a muscle and it must be built. I have held over 1,300 coaching sessions and in the beginning it was hard to believe that people would pay me for my services.

I learned right away I had to have patience and I had to find mentors who had built successful coaching businesses that I could model. That in itself was a challenge. I wanted to share this with you because I have been in your shoes.

It sucks to be frank but I can help! I knew I was meant to be a coach so I didn’t give up. Now, my wife and I work with people and companies nationwide. I’m not telling this to impress you but to impress upon you, YOU CAN DO IT!


This program is for all levels; the beginner, mildly experienced and the seasoned coach.

If you are the best coach in the world and you don’t know how to close coaching clients, you’re still going to be struggling.

Imagine closing just one big coaching client a month?

Anywhere from $2,645 to $9,995.

Yes they are out there but if you don’t have the skills to sell them or believe you’re worth it as a coach then you will never get them.


Out of 20,000 surveyed coaches, the majority says that getting leads was the biggest challenge for them. The second was closing the sale.

We will spend time on how to get leads, how to build a marketing plan, marketing your business and yourself properly, how to perfect the coaching process and how to close the coaching sale.



Module 1 – How to get leads and where to go get leads Live Web-Ex-training, Recorded Video and PDF download

• Module 2 – How to build a marketing plan Live Web-Ex-training, Recorded Video and PDF download

• Module 3 – Marketing your business and your self Live Web-Ex-training, Recorded Video and PDF download

• Module 4 – How to perfect the process Live Web-Ex-training, Recorded Video and PDF download

• Module 5 – How to present price and ask for the sale Live Web-Ex-training, Recorded Video and PDF download (The tools in module 5 will blow you away)



We will get your coaching business rocking and here is my promise to you. if you don’t see the value after the second Module,  I will give you a full refund no questions asked. That’s 100% money back.

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