1. The Best Logo Design in St. Charles, IL

    Your company logo is the single most important element when it comes to your brand. This is the first thing people often see, it the thing they will see the most and it is, for better or worse, what will speak volumes about the type of company you are. The best logo design for your company will incorporate and reflect the spirit of your brand and can be achieved when you work with an experienced l…Read More

  2. Vision Force Marketing provides strategic marketing plans driving growth for local business community

    Originally Published in KPI Insight St. Charles, IL     Vision Force Marketing is filling a need for businesses focused on growth. With clients nationwide, this St. Charles-based marketing company helps businesses develop strategic marketing plans in a wide variety of industries. They have clients in a broad range of markets, from manufacturing to motocross and everything in betwee…Read More

  3. Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired One?

    Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired On? Congratulations, you’re one of those savvy business leaders who has invested in marketing! You have a great logo, a strong branding strategy, a comprehensive Marketing Plan and you’re actually executing to it - Well Done! But wait, why aren’t more leads converting? Why aren’t the phones ringing? Before you blame your strategy, take a closer look a…Read More

  4. What Everybody is Telling Everyone They Need, When All Anyone Has to Do is What They Should Have Always Been Doing

    Is Marketing Social Media? It is a popular subject at networking events and industry conferences; everybody seems to want it because they're being told by everyone that they need it. So, what exactly is this most common of topics which has become so ridiculously over-exposed? Social Media; and everyone is an expert . . . just ask them. My well-read readers already know this of course, but the rest…Read More

  5. Take Command of Your Brand

    Non-marketing professionals are often put in a position to brand, market or grow a business without much guidance. This can cause them to become overwhelmed with industry jargon which leaves them in a paralyzing holding pattern. It doesn't have to be that way. I tend to think of branding in very simple terms and I think you can get a grasp of your brand very simply. You can do it by planning, esta…Read More