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Please review these recommendations and let us know if you approve of them or if you would like to make any changes to the phrasing. If you or your web developer are planning on implementing these changes, please follow the steps below:


  1. Review the recommended changes to your Title, Meta Description, H1 tag and Alt Image Tag. The definitions of these terms can be referenced below.
  2. Send the edits to your web developer for implementation.



  • Title: The Title is the first line within a search result and appears on the web page tab.
  • H1 Tag: The H1 Tag is the primary heading on a web page. Because it offers an overview of the content that follows, the H1 Tag should be located near the top of the page.
  • Meta Description: The Meta Description is a website synopsis that is displayed within a search result.
  • Alt Image Tag: The Alt Image Tag is the text description of an image or graphic on a web page.



The recommendations below will be made to <http://Visionforcemarketing.com/website-design/>.

  • Implement Title and Meta Tags

Title and Meta Tags are important because they help search engines understand what your website is about.

  • Recommended Title: <title>Website Design for LaSalle, IL | Vision Force Marketing</title>
  • Recommended Meta Description: <meta name= “description” content=”Do you need web design services in LaSalle, IL? Contact Vision Force Marketing for an effective, professional website that brings in new clients and sales.”/>
  • Create Heading Tags

Creating a heading within an <h1> tag makes it easier for search engines to confirm that your headings and the content of your page are aligned. Creating an H2 tag can add more specific information to your H1 tag, or to the overall page.

  • Recommended Heading: <h1>Web Design for LaSalle, IL</h1>
  • Add Keyword(s) to Alt Image Tag

The Alt Image Tag is important because it helps search engines understand the content of a page. As such, it is recommended that web page has a permanent image that is relevant to the page and keywords.

  • Recommended Alt Image Tag: Add a permanent image that is relevant to the page and keywords. The image should have appropriate image alt text that includes the keywords (web design LaSalle, IL /website design LaSalle, IL).
  • Search engines like Google love great web copy. This means that the more unique copy on each of your web pages, the better. We recommend having at least 250-400 words of relevant, keyword-rich copy that includes your keywords (web design LaSalle, IL/website design LaSalle, IL).


Additional explanation of the recommended Title, Meta Description, H1 Tag, and Alt Image Tag changes are found on page 2.


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