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“Marketing is merely a civilized form of warfare in which most battles are won with words, ideas and disciplined thinking.” – Albert Emery

I came across the above quote while I was still in my Marketing infancy. It resonated with me then, and I’ve grown to appreciate it more with each passing year. When you really stop to think about it, Albert Emery was right – Marketing is power. Power isn’t a bad thing, it’s just another word for influence – wouldn’t you like to have a stronger influence with your buyers? Maybe you’d like to dominate your market and be the front-runner? How would it feel to have your competitors chasing you for a change? Did you just smile a little? Yes, I thought so! If any of those questions made your stomach flutter with anticipation, contact me so you can get results!

Vision Force Marketing helps companies make more money by using Strategic Marketing Planning. We take businesses to the next level through excellent Marketing strategies and strategic planning. We work shoulder to shoulder with you so we focus on your results. Why is there such an emphasis on training when we could simply do your Marketing for you? Well, teach a man to fish and…

Who are the marketing strategists, exactly?

Everything we do affects other people so we want you to know exactly who you’re working with and that’s why we believe in being transparent. We’ve been frustrated with the lack of transparency with so-called “experts” both on-line and off, therefore we decided to be the opposite of that. Serious business owners need serious professionals who will partner with them for serious results. That’s hard to find because so many companies (and people) are either pretending to be something they aren’t or they’re trying to appear bigger than they are. We are who we are… If you like us and we’re a fit for you, FANTASTIC – let’s do this! If not, that’s Ok, there is plenty of work out there for everybody. We want you to know who you’re working with because we believe business is personal. For more about our strategic marketing consultants, read our profiles on the Forces behind the Vision. We are a female-owned business and we operate debt-free.

Marketing strategy is a shoulder to shoulder partnership

We’re not just consultants who give advice and walk away, because in our experience, it takes real courage and expertise to help customers through the process. We have a program called the Vision Force Marketing Strategy where we partner with you to drive results. At Vision Force Marketing, we not only help you clarify your vision, we’ll combine our collective power with you to help provide sufficient force driving you toward your vision.

Whether it’s our Vision Force Marketing Strategy program, a Marketing Plan, or the training we provide, our strategic marketing plans are tailored to your needs. We don’t give you the same ideas we give other clients, because your business and your objectives are unique to you and that’s why working with Marketing Professionals who understand that – is essential.

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