Here are 6 Benefits of a Vision Force Marketing Map (M-MAP) with 6 or 12 Months of Coaching for Your Business!

“Tough times and tough markets gives you a chance to capture unbelievable market share.” 

  1.  Vision– We get you ultra clear on who you are and your target client down to their shoes so you get more bang for your marketing buck and get more customers or clients.

Versus spending money on the entire market place and missing your ideal audience.

  1.   Mission – Communicates to your team the driving force behind your business which inspires and motivates them to get behind your decision to move your company to the next level.

Versus dragging them.

  1.   Message – What are you currently telling the market place? Are you 100% sure it’s the right message to attract your ideal client? A refined message.

Versus an unclear or overly complicated message.

  1.   SWOT Analysis – This exercise is invaluable for you to discover where you should be focusing your time.

Versus being tactical and spending marketing dollars in areas that will never show any return.

  1.   Action Plan – A strategic action plan that is easy to follow and complete.

Versus letting things fall through the cracks because you get busy. 

  1.   Coaching is THE X FACTOR” – 80% of business is psychological, 20% is mechanical; Business Coaching gives you accountability to make sure the money you spent on the marketing plan doesn’t go to waste and you get measurable results.

Versus procrastinating, getting distracted, being unfocused and not following through to completion which means not hitting your goals this year.

Studies show having ongoing training increases Productivity 22.4%
AND, if you add coaching to your training, studies show that you get as much as 88% increase in productivity with an average return on investment of 788%! (According to Metrix Global LLC)


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