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Do You Have A Current Marketing Strategy?

What is a Marketing Massive Action Plan (M-MAP)?

Imagine you’re taking a trip from New York to California and you need to find a specific address. What do you do? Well, now you throw the address in your mobile device or GPS. But way back in the Good ol’ Days you used an atlas. Now, let’s play the game – there is no MAP…

How well do think you’re going to do finding that specific address? How much longer will it take you? Will you even find it?

I guess your answer is “Pretty lousy,” right? Now, say you have part of a MAP and that part of that Map is really good but you’re missing the MAP of California. This probably isn’t going to increase your odds of finding your destination.

We see businesses do this all the time with their marketing.

And this is what a lot of people do with their business. They have a lot of the pieces of their marketing, but they’re missing “California”. This prevents them from getting to their objective, which is more clients and more revenue.

That’s where we come in.

We’re the bridge to help you find the rest of your MAP, which is your Marketing Massive Action Plan. We’ll become your GPS to guide you to your ideal clients and more revenue.


A M-MAP is the action part of your sales and marketing strategy. Here is a quick lesson

First, what is your marketing missing?

Identify a piece of marketing you have needed to unleash for a long time or something new you have learned but have not implemented yet – for whatever reason.

We find most business owners say two things to themselves and their staff:

  • “I/We don’t have the money.”


  • “I/We don’t have the time.”

Most business owners use these excuses because it’s easier than saying this: “I’m afraid of the result.” (good or bad.)

Using these two excuses can be very real but also do not empower you to find another way.
I suggest using our marketing coaching to push you through that marketing plateau.

I believe it’s never our resources but our resourcefulness that pushes us beyond our comfort zone.

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