1. Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired One?

    Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired On? Congratulations, you’re one of those savvy business leaders who has invested in marketing! You have a great logo, a strong branding strategy, a comprehensive Marketing Plan and you’re actually executing to it - Well Done! But wait, why aren’t more leads converting? Why aren’t the phones ringing? Before you blame your strategy, take a closer look a…Read More

  2. Are Your Employees Working Without the Box?

    One of my readers asked me to help educate people on how employees in an organization whose title does not include “Marketing” could indeed help with the marketing efforts of their organization. I think the challenge is many employees have a hard time engaging in their company’s marketing efforts because they don’t see how their particular job affects the entire organization, much less how…Read More

  3. Supporting Our Best People Through Their Mistakes

    Marketing by its very nature is leadership - thought leadership. Marketing requires forward thinking, tough decisions, and sometimes  outright bravery. Although this is a bit of a departure from my usual Marketing Musings, I thought my loyal readers would appreciate this guest blogger, Mr. Bob Williams.  I had the honor of working for Bob early in my career and have retained a deep level of r…Read More