1. The Power of 30 Minutes – the Ultimate Accountability

    “I’ll be there in 30 minutes!” the voice on the other end of the phone says, “OK, great” I hear myself saying with a feeling of panic rising in me as I look around my house complete with dust, crumbs, and piles . . . everywhere! No sooner do I hang up then I’m rushing around like a madwoman dusting, scrubbing and putting things in their rightful place. At the very last minute I hurl my…Read More

  2. Why Every Small Business Needs Working Capital

    If you’re a small business owner then you’re responsible for the success of your company and with that comes a duty to your current customer base, your vendors and employees to practice sound business strategies. It doesn’t matter if things are going smoothly for you, revenue targets are on track and cash flow is going well – you may even be operating debt-free thinking you’ve got this b…Read More

  3. Benefits to Hiring a St. Charles Marketing Company for your Small Business

    As your small business grows, the question of hiring a marketing company versus hiring in-house staff to do marketing may come into focus. The benefits to hiring local St. Charles marketing company, Vision Force Marketing for your small business far outweighs hiring employees. First, when you hire a marketing company, you don't have to train. Sure, there’s a getting-to-know-you stage, but you’…Read More

  4. Push Past the Plateau with Small Business Coaching

    You run a small business and your revenue is declining, it’s been a constant source of irritation and growing frustration. It feels like you've tried everything, from increasing your marketing budget to generate more phone calls, to placing more newspaper ads to attending more networking events to get your name out there - but nothing has changed. Or maybe you know that if you could speak in fr…Read More

  5. Stuck in Your Business? Don’t Follow Your Gut.

    "Every initiative we don’t take, every risk we avoid makes us more insulated from business opportunities." When sales take a dip, deals fall through, or things become stagnant our first instinct is to stop doing anything until things turn around. We hold off on advertising, or moving forward on that brochure, or on the website upgrade we desperately need. We’re afraid to invest more because we…Read More

  6. How Your Company Can Utilize Sound SEO Practices

    I'm sure you already know that Google is one of the driving forces behind all of the changes in search engine optimization, after all they own about 80% of the search engine traffic. Since Google is a powerhouse in the technology world, it's probably in your best interest to pay attention to what's happening at Google and leverage sound SEO practices to drive traffic to your own company. Business…Read More

  7. Why Business Owners Hire Business Coaches

    Small business owners are notorious for doing the exact opposite of what big business does and sometimes it works, but often it doesn't. And let's face it, any company who can survive an economic downturn is doing something right. There are many lessons to be learned from the large corporate institutions and small business owners are facing sobering odds to success, which is why today's savvy smal…Read More

  8. Your Competitor Has a Business Coach – Do You?

    By Sean Whitfield and Leah Hoppes Inevitably when meeting with prospects the subject turns to competition and the person sitting before us transitions from congenial business person to hard-core competitor as he provides us with a litany of things his competitor is doing wrong. We hear the same thing all the time – the competition has worse service, a lesser product and doesn't really care about…Read More

  9. Vision Force Marketing provides strategic marketing plans driving growth for local business community

    Originally Published in KPI Insight St. Charles, IL     Vision Force Marketing is filling a need for businesses focused on growth. With clients nationwide, this St. Charles-based marketing company helps businesses develop strategic marketing plans in a wide variety of industries. They have clients in a broad range of markets, from manufacturing to motocross and everything in betwee…Read More