1. Marketing Strategies For Saint Charles IL Companies

    Marketing strategy is so important yet so few Chicago and Saint Charles companies really utilize its full power. As a business owner in Saint Charles, IL its import ant to get back to the basics in your marketing. We are going to give you the best practices for a solid marketing strategy. Start with your vision statement – Not something you throw on the wall but something that inspires you and k…Read More

  2. What’s the difference between a marketer and a marketing strategist?

    Sometimes the future looks a little foggy and because we don't know what lies ahead we focus simply on what we can see. This reactive approach to business is what happens with the majority of business owners, and unfortunately this how most marketing professionals operate as well. What most marketers mean when they refer to "strategy" is how they will match your brochure to your website or that…Read More

  3. If Your Marketing Company Isn’t Growing – How Can They Help You Grow?

    Are you following a Marketing company's advice who doesn't bother to stay on top of Marketing trends? In just the past week I've come across two marketing companies who claim to do websites who have websites that aren't even mobile-friendly! One company's site actually came up with an error message on my smart phone because it's so outdated. Listen, if your marketing company's website isn't mobile…Read More

  4. How Much Does a Marketing Plan Cost?

    The cost of a Marketing plan developed by a seasoned marketing strategist will vary depending on the nature of your business. A simple company structure led by an entrepreneur is very different for a marketing company to navigate versus herding multiple decision makers in a complex corporate structure. Most marketing consultants price according to both their time involved and the level of detail t…Read More

  5. What Makes Vision Force Marketing #1

    When we first started our company two years ago we set out to educate small businesses on marketing to help level the playing field with larger corporations. Why? Because small business is the backbone of our economy and empowering small business owners helps all of us. I spent 18 years in the corporate environment, working for Fortune 500 companies and that taught me global best practices, but th…Read More

  6. Stuck in Your Business? Don’t Follow Your Gut.

    "Every initiative we don’t take, every risk we avoid makes us more insulated from business opportunities." When sales take a dip, deals fall through, or things become stagnant our first instinct is to stop doing anything until things turn around. We hold off on advertising, or moving forward on that brochure, or on the website upgrade we desperately need. We’re afraid to invest more because we…Read More

  7. Vision Force Marketing provides strategic marketing plans driving growth for local business community

    Originally Published in KPI Insight St. Charles, IL     Vision Force Marketing is filling a need for businesses focused on growth. With clients nationwide, this St. Charles-based marketing company helps businesses develop strategic marketing plans in a wide variety of industries. They have clients in a broad range of markets, from manufacturing to motocross and everything in betwee…Read More

  8. Why Do I Need a Marketing Plan?

    A  Marketing Plan first looks at the objectives of a company and then determines what methods will garner the most effective results. Once tactical marketing initiatives are identified, a good Marketing Plan will prioritize those tactical elements and provide the direction one needs to take in order to drive sustainable business growth. Developing a Marketing Plan isn’t just about…Read More

  9. What is Marketing?

    Google "What is  Marketing" and the results will be varying answers from business people, anonymously written blogs and even Wikipedia. Because most writers are trying to promote a certain idea, they all miss the mark. Marketing isn't just a tactic employed to attract customers, nor is it simply finding what fits your customer. There is marketing and there are marketing tactics, and yes there i…Read More

  10. Know Thy Customer

    With all the emphasis on marketing (digital marketing, content marketing, strategic marketing, marketing plans, etc) companies in every industry still miss the mark on what marketing is supposed to do for them. The various marketing tactics companies employ are supposed to attract customers, and yet businesses still fail to identify what actually resonates with customers resulting in a lot of wa…Read More