1. What’s the difference between a marketer and a marketing strategist?

    Sometimes the future looks a little foggy and because we don't know what lies ahead we focus simply on what we can see. This reactive approach to business is what happens with the majority of business owners, and unfortunately this how most marketing professionals operate as well. What most marketers mean when they refer to "strategy" is how they will match your brochure to your website or that…Read More

  2. Oh, What Tangled Websites We See!

    Walking blindly into a spider web is just about as pleasant as getting blind-sided by a poorly constructed website; one will give you the heebie jeebies, the other will cost you money and both will leave you feeling icky. Spider webs are intricate, delicate, strong and vulnerable all at the same time. Websites are similar to the sticky filament in terms of both complexity of structure and …Read More

  3. If Your Marketing Company Isn’t Growing – How Can They Help You Grow?

    Are you following a Marketing company's advice who doesn't bother to stay on top of Marketing trends? In just the past week I've come across two marketing companies who claim to do websites who have websites that aren't even mobile-friendly! One company's site actually came up with an error message on my smart phone because it's so outdated. Listen, if your marketing company's website isn't mobile…Read More

  4. 3 Benefits of Hiring a Marketing Consulting Firm to Grow Your Small Business

    As a small business owner, you know how to take care of the basics of running your business. You’ve made the effort to improve your skills, to keep up with expenses, income and payroll when you hired employees. But you feel your head actually start to spin when you start thinking about marketing and the ever-changing landscape of the internet and digital marketing. You have two options, try to f…Read More

  5. Stuck in Your Business? Don’t Follow Your Gut.

    "Every initiative we don’t take, every risk we avoid makes us more insulated from business opportunities." When sales take a dip, deals fall through, or things become stagnant our first instinct is to stop doing anything until things turn around. We hold off on advertising, or moving forward on that brochure, or on the website upgrade we desperately need. We’re afraid to invest more because we…Read More

  6. Why Business Owners Hire Business Coaches

    Small business owners are notorious for doing the exact opposite of what big business does and sometimes it works, but often it doesn't. And let's face it, any company who can survive an economic downturn is doing something right. There are many lessons to be learned from the large corporate institutions and small business owners are facing sobering odds to success, which is why today's savvy smal…Read More

  7. Developing a Marketing Strategy

    Creating a marketing strategy will help grow a business through branding, marketing campaigns, and building customer loyalty. Great strategic marketing solutions will enable a company to hit their goals in far less time and with less expenditure. Marketing strategies should support a company’s overarching objectives. Many companies either don't know how to develop their own marketing strategy…Read More

  8. How Can I Implement a Marketing Plan at My Company?

    Most small business owners do not have the time, energy, or know-how to implement effective marketing strategies, much less develop a detailed marketing plan. It is no wonder many small businesses fail at marketing due to improper implementation of a plan. This is where a marketing consulting firm such as Vision Force Marketing can help. The first step to take in order to develop a marketing plan…Read More

  9. How Do Marketing Plans Work?

    Marketing plans are an incredibly important and well-known aspect of running a business. Unfortunately, they are also underutilized by business owners due to their complexity. Writing up a professional marketing plan may occupy a huge chunk of a business owners time. Due to the time-consuming nature of a marketing plan, many business owners skip writing and enacting a business plan. Hiring a prof…Read More

  10. Vision Force Marketing provides strategic marketing plans driving growth for local business community

    Originally Published in KPI Insight St. Charles, IL     Vision Force Marketing is filling a need for businesses focused on growth. With clients nationwide, this St. Charles-based marketing company helps businesses develop strategic marketing plans in a wide variety of industries. They have clients in a broad range of markets, from manufacturing to motocross and everything in betwee…Read More