1. Why Every Small Business Needs Working Capital

    If you’re a small business owner then you’re responsible for the success of your company and with that comes a duty to your current customer base, your vendors and employees to practice sound business strategies. It doesn’t matter if things are going smoothly for you, revenue targets are on track and cash flow is going well – you may even be operating debt-free thinking you’ve got this b…Read More

  2. Stuck in Your Business? Don’t Follow Your Gut.

    "Every initiative we don’t take, every risk we avoid makes us more insulated from business opportunities." When sales take a dip, deals fall through, or things become stagnant our first instinct is to stop doing anything until things turn around. We hold off on advertising, or moving forward on that brochure, or on the website upgrade we desperately need. We’re afraid to invest more because we…Read More

  3. Vision Force Marketing provides strategic marketing plans driving growth for local business community

    Originally Published in KPI Insight St. Charles, IL     Vision Force Marketing is filling a need for businesses focused on growth. With clients nationwide, this St. Charles-based marketing company helps businesses develop strategic marketing plans in a wide variety of industries. They have clients in a broad range of markets, from manufacturing to motocross and everything in betwee…Read More

  4. Why Do I Need a Marketing Plan?

    A  Marketing Plan first looks at the objectives of a company and then determines what methods will garner the most effective results. Once tactical marketing initiatives are identified, a good Marketing Plan will prioritize those tactical elements and provide the direction one needs to take in order to drive sustainable business growth. Developing a Marketing Plan isn’t just about…Read More

  5. What is Marketing?

    Google "What is  Marketing" and the results will be varying answers from business people, anonymously written blogs and even Wikipedia. Because most writers are trying to promote a certain idea, they all miss the mark. Marketing isn't just a tactic employed to attract customers, nor is it simply finding what fits your customer. There is marketing and there are marketing tactics, and yes there i…Read More

  6. Its 2015 – Do You Know Where Your Customers Are?

    It's the first full week of the new year, are you excited? Do you have your sales pipeline full? Are you just waiting for one of those many deals to close? This is your business, it's a new year - you should be excited! But, if you answered "no" to  even one of those questions then it's time to put together a strategic marketing plan. It will help you clarify your objectives and will provide the…Read More

  7. Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired One?

    Brand Assassinators – Have You Hired On? Congratulations, you’re one of those savvy business leaders who has invested in marketing! You have a great logo, a strong branding strategy, a comprehensive Marketing Plan and you’re actually executing to it - Well Done! But wait, why aren’t more leads converting? Why aren’t the phones ringing? Before you blame your strategy, take a closer look a…Read More

  8. What Do You Think You Cannot Do?

    I've kept the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do" in front of me for almost three decades now as it serves as a reminder to press onward when I start to feel that inward recoil from a decision I know is just based on fear. I realized a long time ago that the 'thing' that made me queasy with dread was indeed the very thing I needed to do. After all, that's h…Read More

  9. Got Marketing? Part II

    Last week I wrote about the importance of brainstorming sessions in developing your marketing and business strategy in Got Marketing? Part I, so this week I’m going to provide you with a glimpse into the possibilities with brainstorming. Although the following is completely a figment of my imagination, it is a representation of what I’ve experienced in how great ideas take shape. For readers w…Read More

  10. Got Marketing? Part I

    One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in marketing my own company is discovering how many business owners don’t really understand what Marketing can do for them. In order to illustrate the power of marketing I share examples with them of what good marketing looks like. This particular illustration I’m going to share is one near and dear to my heart because I spent countless hours investig…Read More