1. Know Thy Customer

    Know Thy Customer

    With all the emphasis on marketing (digital marketing, content marketing, strategic marketing, marketing plans, etc) companies in every industry still, miss the mark on what marketing is supposed t…Read More

  2. You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do

    What Do You Think You Cannot Do?

    I've kept the quote by Eleanor Roosevelt "You Must Do the Thing You Think You Cannot Do" in front of me for almost three decades now as it serves as a reminder to press onward when I start to feel tha…Read More

  3. Got Marketing? Part II

    Got Marketing? Part II

    Last week I wrote about the importance of brainstorming sessions in developing your marketing and business strategy in Got Marketing? Part I, so this week I’m going to provide you with a glimpse int…Read More

  4. Got Marketing? Part I

    Got Marketing? Part I

    One of the biggest obstacles I’ve faced in marketing my own company is discovering how many business owners don’t really understand what Marketing can do for them. In order to illustrate the power…Read More

  5. Are you a Marketing Redneck?

    Are you a Marketing Redneck?

    Are you too cheap to spend $60 on getting your business cards 100% accurate? Do you still say you might need to be on that “Tweet Thing”? Is your idea of planning figuring out who's going to hold …Read More